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(captured) Tim Johnson

Monday, June 27th, 2011

Tim Johnson out of Chicago, Illinois is an amazing photographer as well as an all around ripper on his skateboard. He has the newest installment of (captured). Check it out here.

(captured) Tim Johnson

Monday, June 27th, 2011

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Heath Kirchart B-Side

Friday, June 24th, 2011

Just in case you haven’t seen it yet… the Heath Kirchart Emerica Stay Gold B -Side.

Traffic Report: Max Murphy

Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

Traffic flow rider, Max Murphy, out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin gets the latest Traffic Report.

Stance Welcomes Andrew Reynolds

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

Stance proudly welcomes Andrew Reynolds to the team with this rad little intro video.

Anything is possible

Friday, June 17th, 2011

Head on over to the DLX site to see footage of Alex Perelson’s tailgrab 900 and win some free stuff from Real.

Tyler Bledsoe

Friday, June 17th, 2011

Etnies just released a Tyler Bledsoe part for his new shoe.

The Collaboratory: Rodney Smith

Thursday, June 16th, 2011

On this episode of The Collaboratory, Vans Syndicate teams up with east coast skateboard pioneer, Rodney Smith. Most known for starting up Shut Skateboards with Bruno Musso back in the 80′s and more recently Zoo York. Watch as some of the original Shut crew describes Rodney and what he’s meant to so many people during the rise of east coast skateboarding. Get the history lesson here.

Don’t Ask Me: An Andrew Hutchison Perspective

Saturday, June 11th, 2011

I’ve been trying to come up with something good to write about Hutch’s photo perspective and interview. I’ve typed out several paragraphs only to delete each and every one of them. I want to make sure that I do him and his photos justice, just in case you aren’t aware of his natural skateboarding eye. Basically, all that I really want to say is that Hutch is one of the greatest skateboard photographers ever. I know that it might sound boring and cliche to say this, but it’s true. He shoots skateboarding just like I want to see it, classically and timeless.

So make sure to take some time and actually look at the photos from years gone by, some you have seen, others you may have not. Also, read the words that he has written about each and every photo, you’ll be stoked that you did, they add another dimension all together.  And while you’re at it make sure to check out the video interview put together by our other good friend Lee Bender. Again, classic and timeless.

Enjoy the Andrew Hutchison Perspective.

Don’t Ask Me: An Andrew Hutchison Perspective

Saturday, June 11th, 2011

Alan Petersen: Anytime I got to hang with AP it was an honor. This is the result of me poaching AP and Luke Ogden’s Thrasher cover at the Glory Hole. I sat shotgun in a raft and watched it all go down. After they were finished, Alan started messing with ice plants REAL high in the pipe. He asked if I wanted to shoot a sequence. It ended up being a Volcom ad. Not a bad day at all.

Tony Alva: I was on an epic road trip with my friends Billy and Kyle. Met up with some people who were going to a party at the Nude Bowl. We pull up to a full on session. Nothing to say other than mind blowing.

Brad Westcott: This spot is in Tempe and just happens to be right by the tracks. We saw the train approaching and basically had one try at getting the photo. It couldn’t have turned out any better. Even though i shot this over 5 years ago the relevance of this photo continues to grow. Recently Brad, has become obsessed with hopping trains and photographing hobo art. Kind of rad how it came full circle.

Brewce Martin: I used to carry around an old Yaschica Mat camera for shooting portraits. i always ran slide film and cross-processed it. This was the one time I was at Skatopia when there wasn’t a raging party. I stayed out there a couple days to work on a Big Brother interview. It was just Brewce, his son, and an occasional neighbor stopping by. this was the one time I got hurt at Skateopia. In the middle of the night while sleeping on a couch in the house, a glass paned window fell on top of me.

Clint Peterson: Shooting with Clint was so natural and easy. This was taken in his hometown of Stillwater, MN.

Gary Collins: I found this spot on a whim. I was going through some heavy shit at the time. Hiking in nature seemed to make things better. I discovered this on one of those hikes. A few months later I brought Gary back to shoot a photo.

Grant and Thomas Taylor: father and son doubles.  The Thomas’ have been ripping for years. Doubles shots are always fun, and how often is it father and son?

Jason Jessee: As elusive as Jason is, I’m glad to have taken a legit photo of him. He stalled this for what seemed like eternity. Jason fixed the manifold on my car once. Not intending to have him do it, I asked him if he knew any good mechanics in town. He just held his hands out and looked down at them. A year later I discovered one of his tools under the hood and I mailed it back to him.

Josh Falk: Taking photos with the superstars of skateboarding was never really a priority for me. I wanted to shoot the underdogs and the dark horses. Josh is one of those. The shoes Josh is wearing are some of the first dunks that Nike put out. Today, brand new, they go for around a grand. I have a shoe collector buddy and it absolutely kills him when I talk about these shoes sitting outside of Josh’s house covered in mud.

Jub: This is one of the gnarlist things I ever witnessed. While we were shooting this, some guy came up to us and acted like he was going to pull a gun.

Cincy Hill Bomb: This is Kokomo Joe, Ned, and Gary Collins bombing down Vine Street in Cincinnati. I didn’t have the balls to bomb and shoot and the same time so Doug K drove his pickup truck and I sat in the back.

Darren Navarette: This was a close as I ever got to a major cover. It ended up on the contents page. I think we over did it with the stickers.

Steve Nesser: If I remember correctly, Steve landed this second try. Back in a pre-digital age that made a photographer extra nervous. Waiting a few days to get the film back just added to the suspense. Luckily this one turned out fine. Nesser has an amazing work ethic and when he wants to do something it always happens.

Pat Smith: This is one of my favorite shots ever. Ripping skater, ideal spot, and a spontaneous cyclist. It all came together for this one.

Rick Eusey: I’ve shot lots of photos with Rick but this one of my favorite. Mother nature placed this huge tree in an ideal spot to skate.

Andy Roy: I used to crash on the vert ramp at Consolidated for weeks at a time. One evening Andy came to skate the ramp. Absolutely killing it, I took a few photos and we made plans to shoot around Santa Cruz the next day. He actually showed up and we skated and shot photos all day. For someone you’ve heard so many gnarly stories about, it was awesome to see for yourself what he was like. He was a really cool guy. All he wanted to do was get back on Anti-hero. I remember Jason Jessee slipping him some Consolidated product when nobody was looking.

Seth McCallum: I probably have more photos of Seth than anyone else. We used to spend days, weeks, even months on the road together. Seth’s mantra was “a photo a day” and it usually happened. This one was taken on a trip to Mazatlan, Mexico.

Stormy Pruett: This is one of the first photos that I got published and was happy with. It was in a Thrasher Atlanta article. Stormy painted the spot the night before.

Ryan Wilburn: This is an outtake from Ryan’s Big Brother interview. The original slide is long gone. Somewhere in a Los Angles storage facility is a folder with everything I shot for Big Brother (or maybe it ended up in a dumpster). It’s hard to tell, but this is a fiberglass water slide about 30ft off the ground.

Street Canoe would like to send out an extra special thanks to Hutch, Lee and the great state of Indiana. Destroy Everything.