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Lookback Library: Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Monday, October 23rd, 2017

Kevin Marks, founder of Lookback Library, introduces his Signed, Sealed, Delivered exhibit in which he travels the US showcasing skate magazines that are autographed by the skater on the cover and have also been previously mailed to famous skateboard personalities. Kevin’s passion for skateboarding and sharing the stoke brought him to Cleveland, Ohio where we met up with him at Tri Star Skateshop to check out his exhibit on display at the Welfare Line Skateboard Collector convention.

In this 3-part series, Kevin introduces his magazine exhibit and talks more about the Lookback Library, pages through some choice magazines from the past, and shows us his van that he stores his traveling exhibition in and lives in for most of the year.

Check it out!

All videos by Mike Chinner

A Few Hours: Under A Bridge With Some Yinzers

Friday, September 29th, 2017


Pittsburgh is a visually stimulating place to be in America for a skateboarder. It’s got lots of hills, crusty spots, and old & unique architecture to gawk at. Pittsburgh also has a spot under a bridge with ample shade, a few ramps, and great flatground that one can skate all day with no qualms from officers of the law. We threw in the towel and spent most of our day escaping the hot, gaseous nuisance known as “The Sun” at said spot with our buddies Nick, Tommy, and a few others and had a grand time riding skateboards together. Here are a few photos from the day under the bridge and beyond. Thanks guys for the hospitality.


Tommy Pittinger AKA “Tammy” is one of the nicest dudes. He started off the day with this switch wall crawl.


Tammy plots his next move.


Scumco & Sons Wooden Skateboards CEO, Nick Teodori, built a fine box to keep at the spot. Here he breaks it in with a boardslide to fakie nosegrind.


I’ve heard a few Pittsburgh skaters hate on Ohio before… It’s actually pretty funny. Does it stem from some sports rivalry or is Ohio really that heinous? Who knows.


This is Deon Bricker. He works at One UP Skateshop and can ollie extremely high.


Deon & Tammy, brothers in shred.


Northeast Division waste disposal union member Tammy wallies for workers’ rights.


After we decided we were over the bridge spot, we made our way to what Tammy claims is his favorite skate spot. It’s crusty. Here he is with a frontside bigspin a few moments after skinning his palm on his previous attempt.


Tammy in the early stages of nose manualing nearly the entire block. He said that while he was on his way back up the hill that the lady next to him said that his move was impressive. True story.


Victory lap from Tammy. This was a good day for him on several accounts. Good times in The Burgh. Thanks Nick & Tammy for having us.


A Few Hours – Dan & Michael Do Grove City

Tuesday, September 19th, 2017


I’m a fan of both Dan Madercic and Michael Dolsen’s skateboarding. Always dorking around at the skatepark and filming each other doing feats that you wish you could pull off both aesthetically and physically, the two are of a breed of skateboarders who simply make skateboarding look fun as hell. If you’ve ever witnessed them skateboarding around Cleveland or have seen any of their Instagram videos, you will be able to confirm this.

Late this past Sunday evening, I got a text from Dan offering a seat in the car for a quick day-trip to Grove City Skatepark in Columbus the following morning. There were a few semi-adult tasks on the to-do list to be completed, however, skateboarding and spontaneity seemed more appealing to me; so I decided to jump aboard for the ride. Terrifying yet punctual and precise, Dan’s driving skills delivered us from Cleveland to Columbus and back in one piece and we had a fun time navigating the curves of the Grove City Skatepark, despite the sweltering sun.

Following a session-ending slam to the left side of my buttocks while skating the Caterpillar Bowl, I came to my senses and pulled out my camera and proceeded to document the session. Here’s a glimpse into a few hours of stunt-wood action with Dan and Michael on a Monday afternoon at Grove City Skatepark…


This is Michael Dolsen. Here he is speaking to Dan about pasta. Michael likes pasta, but only if in the form of spaghetti. “I REFUSE to eat penne.” -Michael Dolsen


Michael lays backside.


Michael and Dan talk shop with their pal James Swisher moments after he showed up and casually blew our minds for 5 minutes before making his escape.


Michael doing what he calls “The Hooker” while Dan takes care of the Instagram angles.


This is tall Dan Madercic; he and Michael skate together frequently. He also has a low tolerance for drivers who inappropriately use the fast lane. Here he is doing a slide & roll around the corner.


Dan laying back on the deck moments before reverting and flatspotting his new wheels.


“You’re not my guy”, says Michael to Dan, unveiling his middle fingers.


“Just kidding, we bros”, exclaims Michael.


Dan goes frontside with the ole grab ‘n scratch on what he calls the “Caterpillar Bowl”. Look at his mutant arm.


Dan pays homage to Jim Gray shortly before packing up and hitting the road. Fortunately, and to my satisfaction, Dan’s driving speed would be closer to average for our return home.


This is a picture of Dan driving. Dan isn’t a bad driver, he’s actually a pretty good driver; he just has no regard for speed limits. Luckily I’m still alive to tell you this fun fact about Dan.


Sleepy boy Michael, pooped from the sesh and obviously accustomed to Dan’s approach to highway driving to the point where he can comfortably rest. Must be nice.


Photos: Mike Chinner

Sunday, June 11th, 2017



“Please Touch”

Thursday, April 6th, 2017

Skate Daily just put together this piece featuring Jay Croft’s “Please Touch” exhibit at the Akron Art Museum. Check it out!

See the full post here on their site.

Friday, March 17th, 2017








Thursday, September 29th, 2016



Saturday, September 3rd, 2016



Reed Vaca 2 Pat Devine - Front Blunt

Reed Vaca 3

Reed Vaca 4

Reed Vaca 5 Donny Hayn - Taildrop kickflip

Reed Vaca 6 Dylan Luloff - Front Heel

Reed Vaca 7 - Crew

Smile. You’re riding a skateboard Teddy Seeley

Thursday, January 14th, 2016



Back in 5!

Saturday, December 19th, 2015