January 5th, 2017

I & M, Peoria and Gary. Skateboarding from Illinois and Middle America. By Kevin DelGrosso.

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January 5th, 2017

Check out six minutes of raw loof skateboard action from the Uprise guys. Filmed and edited by Street Canoe pal Adam Akins. The Spaz line in the parking garage is the best and will surely make you want to go and skate.

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January 2nd, 2017

Check out the trailer for a new Cleveland Skate Video called Plair. It features Joe Kassai, Alan Giberson, Terry Shebestak, Alex Miklus, Jack Habermann, Chad Butler, Marc Scott, Nathan Morley, and many more. It is filmed and edited by Matt Brack.

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January 1st, 2017

Check out this new quick edit from Jack Eddy featuring Dan Charlton, Drake Johnson, Justin Henry, Jake Lemonds, and Kris Bachtel. Filmed in SF, NYC, and OH.

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December 26th, 2016

Make sure and check out the latest masterpiece from Street Canoe pal Chad butler. It showcases the skateboarding talent from Northeastern Ohio and beyond.

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CHARACTERIZED (The Midwest Saga)

December 22nd, 2016

Via Alan Butella, the owner of Character.

For 15 years, Character Skateboards has been Chicago’s longest standing Skateboard brand. The goal of Character, is to make quality skateboards that are proudly made in America, promote the Midwest skateboarding scene, and continue to help the community grow one board at a time. We believe in the fun & love of Skateboarding, plain and simple.
“Characterized” The Midwest Saga, offers small glimpes of the past 15 years along with a full representation of our current team. We hope you enjoy.
This video is dedicated to: Ward Cramer and Alex Hondi
Gerardo Mendoza, Darnell Lash, Josh ferro, Kyle Terbush, Geo Sebillion, Max Barker, Nick Apples, Scotty Brooke, Julian Izaguirre, Corey Hendricks, Ian Sherman, Derek Acosta, and Woody Woelfel

Additional clips by: Ref Aleev, August Mockenhaupt, Soma Fuller, Alan Butella
Vintage Clips by: Joseph Linzemann, Joe Mararewicz, Dan Little, Jackson Hennessey and Ward Cramer
Directed by: Jake Linden, Corey Henderson and Alan Butella
Cinematography & editing by: Jake Linden, Corey Henderson, Alex Honi, Lee Larkins and Alan Butella
Additional filmers:Eric Clevel, Tukkur Vannark, Aj Mockenhaupt, Ward Cramer, Sigi Gonzales, Jesus Arellanes, Luke Murphy, Max Williams, Dondi Bakeman, Matt Pearson, Bryan Nambo, Gerardo Mandoza, Chase Grover, Joey Simpson, Chris Louvier, Alex Bradburn, Josh Randle and Tyrone Monroe
Lead Editor: Corey Henderson
Title Design: Jay Croft
3-D Intro: Thomas Livings
Compositing: Joey D
Animation: Andrew Pugise
Photograpy: Ward Cramer, Sigi Gonzales, Jesus Arellanes, Jacob Linden, Alan Butella and Marfa Capadanno

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Blktop Project “In the Moment”

December 9th, 2016

Check out this rad video from Greg Hunt for a Blktop Project song called “In the Moment”. It features footage of the Gonz that he shot for a film called “Weapons and Armour” The footage had been lost for the past 17 years. Pick up the latest Blktop Project record as well, you won’t be disappointed.

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The 5th Annual Reggie Destin Memorial Time Trials & Carve Contest

December 6th, 2016

Last Saturday was The Donuthill Project’s 5th Annual Reggie Destin Memorial Time Trials & Carve Contest.
Thanks to all who participated and helped support this for-fun event celebrating the life of our fallen friend.
RIP ReDe. #RIPReDe #ReDeTT2016
5th Annual REDETT Results:
Overall Combined Time
1) James Brown 35.99
2) Tony Earnst 37.74
3) Bob Morris 38.47

Longest Carve
1) Pat Murphy 25’ 6”
2) Prescot Humphryes 23’ 6 1/2”
3) James Brown 23’ 3/8”
#RIPReDe #ReDeTT2016

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Bluetown Chicago Neighborhood Watch

December 2nd, 2016

Andy Sisomboune, Shawn Turner, Jesse Neuhaus, and Timmy Johnson. Filmed and edited by G.



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Team Pierre

November 18th, 2016


I have been waiting for this one for awhile. One of the unsung heroes in skateboarding. Pete Koff did an excellent job in telling the story of Pierre. Click the photo above to watch the video and get educated, and then go skateboard.


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